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Abdul Wahid Shaikh

Abdul Wahid Shaikh, a teacher at a Mumbai school was the only person to be acquitted out of 13 accused in the 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings case. Born in Pune, he did his schooling in Mumbai after his family shifted there. His father was a carpenter and even did tailoring. After a diploma in teacher's training, he got his first job in 1998 of teaching science at Anjuman-e-Islam School, Mumbai. He completed his post-graduation and studied law during his nine years in jail. To keep his promise to his co-accused, he travels around the country talking about the truth. A Hindi feature film based on his life will soon be released. He got married in 2003 and has four children. Even years after his acquittal, cops continue to harass him. To fulfill the dream he had before his arrest 15 years ago, he is now pursing his PhD. (Feb 2021)