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The Glorious Quran – English Translation with annotations based on earliest authoritative sources (with Parallel Arabic Text, Hard bound)

A new English Translation with parallel Arabic-English Texts — An accurate rendering Of the Holy Quran based on earliest authoritative sources
With Extensive Annotations of Verses, Laws, Names and Places mentioned in the Qur’ān. And Appendices on: The Holy Book, The Last Prophet of Islām (pbuh), The Beautiful Names of Allāh, The Prophets Mentioned in the Qur’ān, A Dictionary of Islamic Terms, A Subject Index of the Qur’ān


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A new English translation of the holy book of Islam that aims to present the Qur’ān the way Islam’s earliest generations understood it. It is the first major Indian contribution to the English translation of the Qur’ān since the popular translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, which was first published in the early 1930s. This edition offers a complete introduction to the tenets of Islam with its extensive annotations and appendices on related topics including the history and issues of the holy book, life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Allah’s Beautiful Names, a dictionary of Islamic Terms and a Subject Index of the Quran – all based on the most authoritative Arabic sources. A complete, authoritative manual to understand the Quran and Islam.
This work depends only on the most authentic and original Arabic works and oldest books on exegesis and biographies of the Prophet and the most authentic dictionaries of the Quran and Arabic language in order to determine the meanings of difficult words, expressions and terms.
The copious new annotations have taken into account the kind of questions an ordinary Muslim or non-Muslim reader may have while reading the Quranic text. The absence of this approach in many translations has led to problems and doubts exploited by enemies of Islam.
Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan he has tried to present a translation that reflects as accurately as possible the way Islam’s earliest generations understood the holy text. He believes this new translation is the most accurate version of the holy Islamic scripture in simple, modern English.

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First, 2023






English and Arabic



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October, 2023


Zafarul-Islam Khan


Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan


Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd


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