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OPI is a news and features service, operating since 1988. It also offers a comprehensive CLIPPINGS SERVICE for journalists, scholars, writers, researchers, diplomats etc. It is a unique clippings, data base and documentation service covering a vast range of subjects: Indian, Arab, Islamic, international, Muslim minorities (particularly Muslims in India), Palestine / Israel, Church / Christian mission, Kashmir etc. Over the years, journalists, scholars, professors, authors, TV and film researchers and students, have benefited from this service, from all over the world.

Over 5000 individual subject-files maintained from Indian, Arab, Islamic and international sources, with continuous upgrading and expansion.For a quick response address your specific needs to us at info@pharosmedia.com


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Search fee (per subject)

Rs 150.00

Euro 4.00


Handling/postage (per order)

Rs 100.00 (min.)

Euro 10.00 (min.)


Cost of material  (photocopied)

Rs 5.00 per A4 page

Euro 0.50 per A4 page


Cost of material  (photocopied) 

Rs 15.00 per A3 page

Euro 1.50 per A3 page


Cost of material  (scanned and sent on Compact Disc [CD] OR sent by email)

Rs 50.00 per A4 page (min. billing of Rs 500.00)

Euro 5.00 per A4 page (min. billing of Euro 25.00)





* Please make all checks/Demand Drafts payable to "Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd" at "NEW DELHI".
# Subject to change without prior notice

Pharos means lighthouse and Pharos of Alexandria was one of the seven wonders of the world

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