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Published March 2013   |  media coverage


Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough

Author: Dr Javed Jamil
Year: 2013
Pages 364
Mission Publications
Price: Rs 800

Year: 2013

ISBN  81-88268-09-7


Dr Jamil’s work is a wonderful study that will puncture the Western claims of civilization.The myth that west is Superior in every way is shattered by this work. Dr. Jamil's work has the extraordinary merit of cutting through the Islamophobic hate speech of the Zionist media and putting matters in accurate perspective based on statistical realities rather than the impressionistic propaganda endlessly vomited out by Zionist media, Islamophobic "Christian" missionaries, etc…..Muslims who come to the West and think it is so wonderful are living in a fool's paradise. The corruption at the very highest level of power in the West is almost unimaginable; the people who rule the West make Arab dictators look like Mother Teresa by comparison.


Part 1 Violence: Forms and Extent
Wars and civil wars
America's Terror versus Muslim Terror
Crimes against women

Part 2 Civilised versus Uncivilised Sexual Behaviour
Sexual Revolution
Women 'liberated' to be abused? Prostitution and Pornography
Sexual Perversions
Family Disintegrated
Children with Single Parents
Child Abuse

Part 3  Civilised verses Uncivilised Social Behaviour
Alcohol Mania
Gambling: the Destroyer
Personal Satisfaction

Part 4 Human Development
Life Expectancy
Economic Scenario

Part 5 The Verdict
Grand Table of Civilisation
Is Christian Community more civilised than Muslim?
Is Hindu Community more civilised than Muslim?
Where is Civilisation?

Part 6  Shortcomings of Muslims and Solutions
Shortcomings at the Ideological level
Not looking for a larger cause
Socioeconomic Agenda Ignored
Need of Cohesive Foreign Policy
Sunni Shia Divide: Larger Aim is the Biggest Solution

Part 7  Islam the Best Basis of Civilisation
Defining Peace: Modern versus Islamic Definition of Peace
Three-Dimensional System versus Two-Dimensional
Life Expectancy, Islam and Muslims
Islamic Theory of Ecnomics
Political Ideology of Islam
Huntington is right but...
Let's March Towards Peace!
Last Word


Media Coverage/Reviews:

Narendra Modi is a snake and dangerous for India's unity, stability: Mani Shankar Aiyer

Muslims most civilised but...




Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough by Dr Javed Jamil

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