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Published April 2013 (announcement flyer


Nuclear India
Illusion and Reality

by K. P. Prakasam

155 pp / PB
Rs 250 / USD 12

First edition, 2013
ISBN-10: 81-7221-056-6
ISBN-13: 978-81-7221-056-4

Size 8.5 x 5.5
Nuclear Science / Politics

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About the Book

Nuclear India is about world developments since World War II, the testing of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki and the events that followed. It deals with the fate of divided countries like Germany, Korea and Vietnam, the collapse of the communist world order, the Soviet bid to export revolution to Afghanistan, military takeovers in Pakistan, and the birth of Bangladesh.
The embracing of democracy and market economy by communist countries is discussed in detail. In view of India and Pakistan conducting nuclear weapon tests, it has become all the more urgent to solve the contentious issue of Kashmir. India should abandon its ostrich-like posture, accept ground realities, and work for India-Pakistan-China amity to mitigate the sufferings of people. The imperative for nuclear disarmament is stressed in this book. The U.N. structure has to undergo cardinal reforms in order to achieve this.

About the Author

A popular science writer, K.P. Prakasam hails from a middle class family in Vadakkal village on the Arabian Sea coast of Kerala. Born in 1930, he became a fire-brand student leader in the fifties, graduated from Kerala University with history, economics, and politics, and M.A. in English Literature. After moving to Delhi, he joined the Soviet news agency TASS and later Novosti Press Agency (APN). Working at the news desk enabled him to study world developments. He imbibed the wonder and excitement of space exploration when USSR launched the Sputnik, an artificial earth satellite. He accompanied cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin during his visit to India, witnessed memorable events like the signing of the Indo-Soviet mutual defence treaty of 1971. He has been Executive Editor of Encounter, Copy Editor of Nation and the World (Fortnightly) and Executive Editor of The Milli Gazette (Fortnightly). His published books include “Space Horizons”, “Antariksha Vijyan” (Hindi), and “Gagarin and After”.


Preface 7
Chapter Abstract 14
An Overview 19

Chapter I
Vestiges of 20th Century, World War II 27

Chapter II
Seeds of Cold War 31

Chapter III
Birth of Nuclear Age 35

Chapter IV
Wars, Hot and Cold 41

Chapter V
Soviet Crisis and Dissolution of USSR 53

Chapter VI
Nuclear-Space Race 67

Chapter VII
Strategic Arms Control—Theories 73

Chapter VIII
Treaty that Turned the Tide of Times 83

Chapter IX
South Asian Challenge to Nuclear Hegemony 87

Chapter X
India’s Fallacious Defence Doctrine 105

Chapter XI
United Nations—an Archaic Outfit 113

Chapter XII
Total Nuclear Disarmament, the Last Hope 119

Chapter XIII
Kashmir –The Destabilising Factor 129

Chapter XIV
Asian Century — India, China, Pakistan Alliance 137

Nuclear weapons: Who all have them, and how many? 141

Terms Used 147
Bibliography 151
Index 153




Nuclear India: Illusion and Reality


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