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Published April 2013 (announcement flyer)  |  reviews


My reflections 
Urdu Poetry with
parallel English Translation

by Rizwan Ullah

184 pp / PB
Rs 200 / USD 12

First edition, 2013
ISBN-10: 81-7221-059-0
ISBN-13: 978-81-7221-059-5

Size 8.5 x 5.5
English / Urdu

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About the Book

The book is a collection of a little over fifty selected poems and ghazals reflecting personal ethos of the poet and his views on various manifestations in personal and social life. The translation in English makes it possible to share all that with a cross section of people speaking languages other than Urdu and at the same time to encourage all to dig into the treasures Urdu language has been hoarding and hiding for ages. This book is a sort of exhortation to others to break the inertia and come out with whatever presentable they possess. This will be a service to the language and the colourful culture it represents.

About the Author

Born (1931) in Azamgarh (U.P.) educated in Kanpur and Calcutta, was a working journalist in Calcutta (1951-1975), joined American Center, New Delhi as an Editor in 1975, retired in 1992 and since then doing freelancing in Urdu and English, translating and writing books on various literary subjects.


Preface 7
1. The Solitary Book 14
2. Making of The New Man 16
3. Rediscovery 18
4. The Subdued Fire 22
5. The Autumn 24
6. The Gift of Injuries 26
7. Old Pains Are Awakened 28
8. The Taste of Pain Persists 30
9. The Pinch 32
10. The Whisper of Happiness 34
11. The Legacy 38
12. The Journey Continues 40
13. The Quest 42
14. The State of Affaires 44
15. Forgetfulness 46
16. Following The Trail 48
17. Joys That Did Not Suit 50
18. The Bread 52
19. Sacred Hands 54
20. The Last Chapter of the Book 56
21. How was the world where my night passed! 60
22. In what times people are living! 62
23. The pain is rather severe, don't ask, 64
24. Asking me about my condition! Poking... 68
25. No guest has ever visited this lonely ... 70
26. What is happening to your heart tell a little... 72
27. Why is this ache? What is it? 74
28. Your ego is clamorous, mine is wrapped... 76
29. Has the world seen my madness? 78
30. I don't find the scene that rests in my eyes, 80
31. Weaving a net of words and meaning, 82
32. Far from the repose, in a thoroughfare, 84
33. Of the ignorant bud I'm scared, 86
34. Have dreams in vacant eyes, 88
35. Oh! Haven't you seen the idol? 90
36. Leave aside the past affairs, who would ... 92
37. Where does the heart mix with everyone? 94
38. Morning, evening scenes are changing... 96
39. Welcome 102
40. Goodbye Calcutta 104
41. The City Within City 112
42. Durga Pooja 118
43. The Holy Dip 124
44. The Division and After 130
45. Calcutta Riots 140
46. The Bengal Famine 150
47. A Discourse on knowledge 154
48. On Politics 164
49. How Many Structures Would You ... 174
50. Wail, O Afghans! Wail! 176
51. Today's Lullaby 180



"I like the idea of Urdu poems appearing with their English translations which have been made by the author himself. The Urdu poems are quite good, if somewhat simple but the English translations are generally excellent, certainly better than anything I have seen recently."
Shamsur Rahman Farooqi

"The creative energy in the original Urdu verses and the genuine effort of the poet himself to convey the meaning and essence of the original in English language are commendable and touched me. "
Zahir Anwar


My reflections -- Urdu Poetry with parallel English Translation


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