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Terrorism: Facts versus Myths 

By Ram Puniyani

Pages 96 p/b
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ISBN 81-7221-033-7; ISBN-13: 978-81-7221-033-5
Year: 2007 
Publishers: Pharos Media Publishing Pvt Ltd

The phenomenon of terrorism has many dimensions to it and it has been the major bane of current times. The propaganda by the dominant power and section of media has succeeded in associating this menace to a particular religion and religious community. This booklet takes up these popular notions and myths and tries to unravel the truth of this phenomenon through facts, photographs and cartoons. Hindi, Marathi and Urdu editions of this book are expected shortly.

Table of Contents
1. Terrorism and Muslims. 
2. Islamic Tag
3. Terrorist violence and Religion
4. Clash of Civilizations
5. War on terror
6. Islam and Violence
7. Democracy and Islam
8. Islam and Fundamentalism
9. RSS and Terrorism
10. RSS fights against Terror! 
Bibliography US military Intervention 
Further Reading
A. A Moment of silence
B. War Crimes Tribunal in Afghanistan 
C. International Tribunal on War Crimes in Iraq 
D. Civilizations Clash or Alliance 
E. Al Qaeda or Al Fayda 
F. ABC of Jihad in Afghanistan Roots of Global Terror

Terrorism: Facts versus Myths 

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Terrorism: Facts versus Myths 

By Ram Puniyani



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