We offer top quality modern Arabic translation to and from English/Urdu. The literary quality of our Arabic work is the same as found in books and journals published in the Middle East. Please inquire about the availability of other languages like Hindi and Persian.

All translation work is done under the personal supervision of Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, an acclaimed translator, who has been educated in Egypt and UK. He has spent 13 years in the Middle East including six years as translator & editor with the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Tripoli (1973-79). He has translated/authored/edited over 40 books in Arabic, most of which have been published by well-known publishers in Cairo, Beirut and London since 1968. Besides Dr Khan, university professors, having good exposure to modern Arabic, also participate in our translation projects. Our clients include: The Open Press Ltd (London), Arakan Est. (Riyadh), Scantec (Sharjah), Rasna (Ahmedabad), Pepsico India (New Delhi), Dar Al-Sahwah (Cairo), Embassies of Yemen & Kuwait (New Delhi), Yemen Consulate General (Bombay) etc.

Translation rates

Our all-inclusive flat rate for translation is as follows:

(a) Non-technical (literary/political/religious etc.): Euro 0.10 (Ten Euro cents) per word; Minimum charges: US$ 50

(b) technical (scientific/legal/ads etc.): Euro 0.20 (Twenty Euro cents) per word; Minimum charges: US$ 100

Editing, proof-reading as well as high quality (1200dpi) computer typesetting in an appropriate font and in any specified size (maximum A3) of your running matter, according to your choice, are offered free of cost. But in the case of special designing (as in ads and brochures etc.), if required, an additional charge of Euro 0.50 (ten cents) per sq. inch will be made. Typesetting in book-format in case of special settings/scheme will be charged from Euro 1.00 to Euro 2.00 per page. The matter will be sent back to you by registered airmail. However, if Speed Post or courier services are required, an additional charge will be made for each instance of sending your matter by such service as specified under ‘printing’ (below).


We also undertake medium quality offset printing of your books and journals whether translated by us or not. Contact us with details for quotes.

Additional charges:

There will be no other charges except for the following:

  1. Typesetting and proof-reading (if your matter is not camera-ready or is not translated by us): Euro 2.00 per book page or Euro 1.00 per page if your matter is received by us in electronic form (by e-mail or on floppy/CD); 

  2. Speed Post/courier: Speed Post/courier: Euro 20 for Speed Post and Euro 25 for courier (DHL etc.) multiplied by the number of times the matter is sent to you for approval/corrections;

Contact Us now:

Email at now stating your requirements. We will be glad to send you on request samples of our work or specimen of printing/paper quality.



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Arabic is one of the primary language of Arabian nations including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Syria. Often political leaders can be seen using Arabic to communicate and to express their views. This shows the reach of Arabic language.

In statistics, Arabic speaking population is (Approx)

Saudi Arabia. Population: 9 Million 

Egypt. Population: 68 Million

United Arab Emirates. Population: 2.3 Million.

Qatar. Population: 740 Thousand.

Morocco. Population: 30.1 Million.

Tunisia. Population: 9.6 Million.

Jordan. Population: 5.8 Million.

Iran. Population: 65.8 Million.

Iraq. Population: 22.7 Million.

Oman. Population: 2.5 Million.

Kuwait. Population: 2.0 Million.

Syria. Population: 16.3 Million.

Arabic Translation has a very important role to play in today's scenario. The globalization of business, fuelled by falling trade barriers, political organization, and exploding communications technology, has made Arabic Translation requirements a necessity rather than just a "benefit" for all business.

Modern workers have left languages barriers far behind. Many of them are people who speak and understand Arabic. In order to reach them and attract them there is no better way them using their native Arabic language. This not only helps you get the "best" but also gives you more options to choose from.

Translation Services details are at the top of the page design

Indian Translators are a leading provider of Arabic translation services. We provide Arabic translation services to some of the world's best known companies. We are in a unique position to deal with any type of Arabic translation project you may have.

General Documents
Legal Documents
Marketing Material
Desk-Top Publishing
Telecommunications, etc.

The quality of your Arabic translation is a direct reflection on you and your business. It is therefore essential that any Arabic translation you have done is of the highest possible quality.

Our arabic translators will concentrate on what we do best allowing you to do what you do best. Offering translation and desk top publishing for Arabic, and through our partner true Arabic printing expertise. This means you can give us a source document and have it returned translated, typeset and printed ready for its target market.

Arabic translation is done by native Arabic translators, living in-country and are an experienced Arabic translator in there own area of expertise.

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Arabic translation that is quick, on-time and to budget

Arabic Text Adaptation
Arabic Translation in itself is not always the answer to your language requirements, in particular where marketing material is concerned. When copy needs to be adapted so it feels as if it has been written specifically for a Arabic market or key phrases such as a play on words or alliteration need to be maintained, Arabic literal translation is not the answer.

Here our Arabi  Translators we have extensive experience of working on Arabic with some of the  World's most prestigious organizations, and can bring true value add in ensuring the maximum  success of all your Arabic marketing campaigns.

Arbi Technical Translation
When you are having manuals, user guides or any other technical documents translated to and from Arabic, it is absolutely essential that the Arabic translators themselves have proven expertise in the given field.

Our Arabic  Translators work with finest Arabic translators from around the globe, giving us access to every conceivable type of industry specific knowledge.

We will always work with you, and where possible your Arabic in-country reviewers to ensure the style and knowledge of the Arabic translators involved meets exactly with your Arabic requirements.

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